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В стихах почти всегда присутствует рифма, а для песен она необязательна. Да и при написании текстов песен обычно ориентируешься на потенциальный аудиоряд. Поэтому решила создать отдельную темку, куда я буду выкладывать свои тексты песенок) Любопытно узнать ваше мнение)

Итак, №1: писалось давно, косилось под Don't fear the Reaper, вокал соответсвенно мужской и женский (диалог).

~Never say sorry~

I felt the meaning in life
in the moment you came to my heart
It was like a cure for my wounds
And you said ‘Nothing will tear us apart’
But then came the Reaper
Longing so much for our death
He took me away from you
And promised we’ll never met

I’m lying here in a grave
With my eyes open wide
Buried alive with this story
- I blame myself for your death to this world
- Never say sorry, never say sorry

I’m lost in my sorrow inside since
You’re prisoner of the White Horse
And kill myself every moment
But my death’s hold by infernal force
I have to live forever
Without you in this lifeless world
I’m doomed to eternal torment
In this rotting body covered with gold

Oh-oh, this pain inside makes me weep
And keeps me away from the glory
- I have left you alone in the coldest tomb of life
- Never say sorry, never say sorry...

Winter 2007

№2: По музыке это будет классический лав-метал, что-то в стиле Хима, Charon  и первого альбома Poison Black с Юхой-Пеккой. Текстик, конечно, немудрёный, не стала утруждать себя сложными грамматическими конструкциями, ибо до уровня ‘Venus Doom’a замахиваться пока не рискую) В общем, что получилось, судить вам.

~Storm of your feelings entombed~

Please show me the way
Into the core of your despair
Let’s kill the fear of redemption
With the words that engraved on your tears

Where are you now?
Being lost in the shadows of light
Call me, my lonely stranger
For a storm of your feelings entombed

This sweetness inside
Makes you want laugh and cry
And the deep night is gone
Pierce my wrists with your smile
So seducing and wild
Let the death come inside
In your heart

Please be my salvation
From atrocious rebirth of myself
So leave your hellburden
And become so gone with your dreams

You are my life
That was given to me from above
You are my death
That I search since the end of your love

Autumn 2009

Ну и one last, думовенький:

~Scream instead of Silence~

Close your eyes inside this liquid fear
Drown in your dream full of autumn wind
I’ll be your guide to the Church of Vice
And light up the dark in your heart

Just scream, my love, don’t be ashamed
Of your agony-like thrill
‘Cause silence in your heart
Hurts me as a sharpest poison knife

Bring the corpse of withered flower of lust
And let me revive it for us
Through the forbidden Rite
Of assasination to make your hypocrisy die

Open your eyes in the forgotten field
Of invaluable treasures that fill our hearts
Watch me, my love, crucified to our tears
Only to make you believe in my pain

Autumn 2009

Отредактировано Flame (12-01-2010 13:56:01)


Эх.. если б еще спела !!!

Flame написал(а):

Let’s kill the fear of redemption
With the words that engraved on your tears

неплохо ,  :cool:
замысловато :glasses:

Flame написал(а):

silence in your heart
Hurts me as a sharpest poison knife


Здорово , в общем! :cool:
Но первая песня мне напоминает кусочки из творчества ХИМ.. Ну как то в одном слеплено много ( без обид) ;)

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